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Nationals of Shengen countries will get a 3 month tourist visa upon arrival, which can be extended by another 3 months. Other Nationalities should check with their local authorities or Brazilan Embassy. The following link should details of your local Brazilian embassy: www.mre.gov.br/ingles/endereco/embaixadas.asp. Please note that foreigners travelling on tourist visas can stay no longer than 180 days in a 365 day period. Should you need information on any other kind of visa check with your local Brazilian embassy at above link. Off course your international passport is needed to enter the country and it should be valid for at least another six months upon arrival.

Brazilian customs are strict and whenever you wish to enter the country with more than the equivalent of BRL 10.000,00 in cash you should report them to customs upon arrival. It is a mere formality which basically means you will have to count the money in front of a customs official and sign a document. This allows the Brazilian Central Bank to monitor foreign currencies entering the country. Not doing so and getting caught may result in fines or/and confiscation of the total amount carried and will certainly give you a big unnecessary headache.

Your local driver’s license should be valid throughout the validity of your Tourist visa, but it’s always a good idea to check with your local authorities.

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