Terms and Conditions


You are almost in Brazil; just read these formalities, they are important and we understand you agree to them if you confirm your trip with us.

Castelo Viagens is hereby the DMC



will provide the Customer with decent information, transportation, accommodation and licensed guides, provided of the necessary insurances, as per agreement with the CUSTOMERS requests and will be available by phone 24/7.



The CUSTOMER and/or his representatives will maintain all transportation and lodging as received, will respect local customs and criteria and will deliberate eventual on the spot-changes with the DMC or his local guide. The DMC or local guide reserving the right of acceptance.


The CUSTOMER/PASSENGER will hold all necessary travel documents, will have the required valid vaccination certificates and will fulfill all, eventually required, formalities. The DMC can in no way be held responsible for cancelations or delays related to travel document issues, which are sole responsibility of the PASSENGER.


The CUSTOMER/PASSENGER should verify if the final confirmation by the DMC is consistent with his requirements. Any changes after confirmation may result in cancellation and extra expenses.



The DMC holds limited third party liability insurance; the PASSENGERS should contract a personal insurance and in case of hardcore adventure, contract special coverage (please contact us). The DMC cannot be held responsible in case of accidents in adventurous, uncharted areas even if provided through the DMC. The DMC will explain the risk of these areas/activities (climbing, survival trips, …) to the CUSTOMER upon quoting.



1-3 pax: private car with driver guide

4-10 pax: Van (sprinter or similar)

11- to 20 pax: Micro bus (no toilet)

21 – 44 pax: Full size bus with toilet

These rules generally apply but can differ depending on the location (city)



Hotels apply their proper check in policies but following rules generally apply:

Check in: 15h

Check out: 11 or 12h

Free early check in or /and out will depend on the hotels availability and good will and will only be available the day prior to arrival or departure.

If you want to confirm an early check-in a full room night is generally charged.

If you want a confirmed late check out, different possibilities are available depending on each hotel, so please check with us.



The DMC will inform the CUSTOMER about and try to handle all deadlines for final confirmation obtained from hotels, airlines and other suppliers, but the DMC can in no way be held responsible if the CUSTOMER for any reason chooses not to act upon the informed deadlines.

Some domestic airlines retain the right to change rates even with an active reservation.



The DMC can in no way be held responsible for delays, rescheduling or cancelations of contracted flights. Nor be held responsible for loss, delay or damage to luggage. These conditions are regulated by the Warschau Convention. The DMC will though, do everything within its power to assist the CUSTOMER/PASSENGER. Any unforeseen costs resulting from the above will be full responsibility of the CUSTOMER/PASSENGER. Seating will be handled by the airline company at check-in and may result in separation of group.


Upon receipt the PASSENGER/CUSTOMER should verify if all details of the reservation or ticket: names, dates etc… are correct and consistent with their official travel documents and also with their travel. Any error can result in complete cancellation of your ticket and impossibility to embark on your programmed fight.


The CUSTOMER must make sure the flights offered / booked are as intended. The proposed flights are the ones that, at the time of booking, had the best relation: time / availability / fare. The airline company may request the issuance of the ticket at virtually any time, even before deadline has been reached. Failure to comply implies in cancellation of your reservation and possible price change.


The fares mentioned are only guaranteed after having been issued. For restricted fares, after ticketing, any changes will be penalized (in some cases the penalties may be 100%).


All prices are for information only and can only be confirmed after the final booking, as the availability of seats for the intended fare is subject to availability.



We usually try to offer domestic tickets with at least one piece of luggage of 21 kg, per pax, please inform us if you have other requirements

Airline companies handle proper policies for luggage and weight limitations and these policies are beyond the DMC’s control.



The DMC require a 30% deposit or deadline/no show coverage, whichever is greater, for confirmation of any file. Outstanding amount should be settled not later than 30 days before arrival or deadline of suppliers, whichever is sooner.

Please note that for groups, incentives payment conditions are case/case and that some events or special holiday period packages might have 100% non-refundable prepayment (Carnival, New Year, …), of which we will clearly inform the CUSTOMER.

The DMC will always clearly inform the CUSTOMER of special conditions and will try to negotiate best rates and payment conditions for the CUSTOMER.

Payments should be made to our Brazilian or Belgian bank account, all charges ON behalf of the CUSTOMER.



The CUSTOMER accepts the proposal of the DMC for a determined number of passengers. The CUSTOMER is aware that any changes in passenger numbers will result in price changes.

In case of cancelation or modifications by the CUSTOMER after confirmation, following conditions will apply:


File will only be confirmed after 30% deposit or deadline coverage whichever prevails

Outstanding amount 30 days before arrival in Brazil or deadline coverage whichever prevails

Cancellation with less than 30 days to arrival in Brazil: refund of items without no show expired, less international bank transfer charges and 5% administration tax.

Cancellation with less than 7 days before arrival: refund only for items without no show policy and less 5% admin tax and bank charges.

No show: no refund

For flights international or/and domestic: airline company cancellation policies will be applied and informed case by case


Tour leader Policy (groups):

Land services

Generally FOC from 20 paying passengers

Domestic flights:

Generally FOC from 20 paying passengers


Generally 1 free SGL room with 20 paying rooms


CHD (Child) and INF (Infant) Policy:

Land services, hotels and domestic flights:

INF up to 2 years incomplete will be FOC on all land services, domestic flights and hotels (sharing same bed with parents or berth when available)

CHD from 2 years up to 10 years incomplete will only have reductions for following services and at following conditions:

Sharing bed with parents or as a third bed in parents room when available

Discount on domestic flight will be subject to airline company rules (FIT only)

There will be no reductions on transportation, tour rates, restaurants,…


Rates are NET, per person, in USD, valid for one month, or as otherwise informed, and subject to availability and changes. Not valid for New Year, Carnival, Congress dates and National holidays. Any changes in passenger numbers will affect rates.


Our programs are tailor made; they can be modified as needed in order to comply with the CUSTOMER’s needs and wishes, and might need to be adapted to match international and/or domestic flight schedules.



Extras, tips, etc.… are not included in except if requested for by the CUSTOMER



The DMC proposes programs which can suffer changes in function of factors beyond the DMC’s control. The DMC can in no way be held responsible for cancelations, delays, or modifications to the contracted services, resulting from acts of war, acts of terrorism, extreme weather conditions, strikes (governmental or non-governmental) or other cases of Force Majeure (act of GOD). The DMC will however extend every form of assistance necessary to help the CUSTOMER/PASSENGER overcome these eventualities. All above conditions are subject to government or supplier imposed changes.


In case of legal dispute the Court of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, will be the place of jurisdiction.   




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